Liam Gallagher

Age: 22 | State: | County: Cook | Case Status: Closed

My son Liam was a kind & gentle soul, with an infectious laugh. He was brilliant, and so full of life. My son was clean from his Xanax addiction for 8 months.. we were so proud of him, and I told him everyday. My son was signed up for fall semester to finish college, when he relapsed. 5 days later, we found him dead on our couch, sitting up with his laptop on his lap, exactly the way I left him the night before. I was able to hug him and tell him I loved him before I went  to bed, and I’m eternally grateful for that.  The detective came and went from my house. I had Liam’s phone, and figured it has evidence on it that could lead them to whoever poisoned my son with the fentanyl that snuffed out his life.. which in turn, snuffed out mine.  I asked the detective if he wanted Liam’s phone and was told “nah, we don’t need it”. I was so grief stricken that I just walked away with Liam’s phone. A third party (a friend of a friend) contacted me via social media to help with the situation and Liam’s phone was eventually taken in for investigation. My son was murdered by fentanyl on autopsy, case closed.. “accidental overdose”. My son did not go out that night to buy fentanyl… he was poisoned, murdered… Liam’s phone was eventually returned, case closed.. even with leads on his phone.  No justice for my son.

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