Lance Eisele

Age: 24 | State: | County: Miami Dade | Case Status: Open

My son ended up homeless by falling for a girl who was addicted to heroin, he soon followed. They became homeless in Miami and she had gone to jail for stealing. While she was in jail my son Lance got heroin that was 90% fentanyl. I found out 10 days later from a Facebook post that he had passed.

My son was selfless, caring, loving, thoughtful kid. He had a heart of gold.

The police had him arrested the night before he passed. They knew his name where he was from who he previously worked for. Had I known earlier I would have pursued a case. The officers never called me and the dealer I’m sure was long gone by then. My life is now consumed with grief and I will forever miss and love my son Lance who will forever be 24

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