Lacey Wytcherley

Age: 20 | State: | County: San Bernardino | Case Status: Other: Suspect passed away

My daughter Lacey was/is loyal, caring, funny, sweet and very spiritual. Lacey was always there for her friends, helped the homeless and took care of her family. Lacey decided to go to a party the night of August 24 2019. She was with “friends” that she had known for a long time. As always, as a mother I was worried about her going out especially with a particular friend whom I didn’t care for too much. Lacey got ready, and we all warned her about watching her drink and be aware of her surroundings, and she agreed and said she will be careful. Lacey looked so cute in her outfit, so I took a picture of her and her sister on a tree stump in the front yard (which is now turned into a Lacey memorial). Me and Lacey’s sister dropped her off at her friend’s house, we all said “I love you” and that was the last time I saw my daughter alive. I had Lacey’s location, saw she was back at her friend’s house in the morning before work, so I went to work thinking she was safe. I get the call at work that Lacey is unresponsive and the paramedics are doing CPR. I rushed over to the hospital that they were transporting her to. When I arrived, the charge nurse came out to meet me asking if I am mom, and walked me and Lacey’s oldest sister to the room where they were desperately trying to revive her. They did CPR for about 2 hours, an IV in her bone marrow to flush out her system, Narcan several times which did nothing. They called the time of death while we were in the room. They put the sheet over her head, and all we could do is scream. We have to live with this nightmare everyday, over and over. All because someone that was supposed to be her “friend” gave her a pill with 3 different types of fentanyl. One girl that was there when she was dying on her couch stated that she saw she was sweating and she was gargling loudly for about an hour, but thought she was just snoring and just left her there to die. I am so angry. But, Lacey was so forgiving, and I am doing my best to keep her beautiful spirit alive and keep her legacy known by teaching awareness to others and sharing her story and the kind of person my Lacey was.  She continues to save lives through me. We love and miss you Lacey, until we meet again in Heaven baby.

Lisa Wytcherley (Lacey’s Mama)

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