Kristina Davies

Age: 29 | State: | County: Kane | Case Status: Open

Kristina was picked up from our home by someone (unknown) in the late morning. She texted me and said she would not be right home as she had planned to meet her 4yr. old’s bus. That was the last text. She was found deceased the next morning by a maintenance worker at an apartment complex alone propped up in a basement storage area. Although the detective got messages from a  24hr period prior from Fb with detailed people she communicated with their interviews went nowhere.

Kristina was a beautiful amazing girl. She struggled with addition but had every hope of getting out from under the demon.

She was a star athlete in Highschool, a singles tennis player. She was involved in summer theatre, cheerleading, and a girls dance group. She excelled at everything she did.

She was a Kennel Manager and the front desk agent at Marriott Hotel. She then worked front desk at a large assisted living facility.

We her family loved her deeply. She lit up the room with her bubbly personality. Everyone wanted to be her friend.

We really want to know who the person is that was with her in those final hours.

They took her phone and purse then left her without getting help.





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