Kevin Cerwin

Age: 31 | State: | County: El Paso | Case Status: No Investigation

Kevin the love of my life someone anyone’s best friend.  Kevin would light up a room and he had the best laugh.  Kevin would give his last dollar to you if you needed it.  Kevin was making his way to a new life in Brownsville TX we left San Diego CA on the 3rd of January and he was poisoned by fentanyl that night.  I found him on the 4th and sat with him in the ER for 8 hours … I brought him to the world and was with him when he left.   He believed in the best of himself and everyone.  He was no angel he is now.  Kevin liked to remind everyone he was born and raised in Cali such the nick name Cali Grown King….born in Utah lived in California –  South Carolina – back to California and moving to Texas.  The holes he left behind are many.

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