Kenneth Winters

Age: 42 | State: | County: Orange | Case Status: No Investigation

Kenny we called him . He had the best sence of humor & loved to make people laugh.  He wore his heart on his sleeve and was always the first to offer his help .

Kenny was my only brother . My Mom & Dad’s only son and meant the World 🌎 to his family 👪 .

Sadly he was given something by a person he called his friend , went to sleep one night and never woke again .

I wanted law enforcement to see all information I had gathered,  give me a few minutes of their time to listen to me.

Unfortunately I failed 😞 I couldn’t even get them to listen to more then 4 words before they interrupted me and said  “No Crime was committed sorry for your loss” No one forced your brother to take anything it was all his choice 😢

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