Kenneth Hester

Age: 25 | State: | County: Cook | Case Status: No Investigation

Kenny is my middle child and was 3 days away from his 26th birthday when he was poisoned and left to die at the bottom of a staircase in an abandoned building in the Garfield Park neighborhood.

When his body was discovered by a neighbor the next morning the responding officers called it an overdose. No evidence was collected, no looking for witnesses, no investigation into who was now answering his missing phone and absolutely no investigation into the dealer that sold him the drugs that poisoned him and stole his life.

The case was closed without any kind of investigation and what seemed to me as if the officer could have cared less, like they see so many they no longer cared.

Kenny was much more than his addiction. He was a son, brother, uncle and most of all he was loved by so many and is missed every moment of the day. Kenny deserved an investigation into who poisoned him, he deserved justice. He was denied that.

These people peddling poison should be punished. The drug induced homicide statue should be followed, subjects arrested and let a judge and jury decide. They will never stop if there are no consequences for what they do.

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