Kenneth Ammon

Age: 33 | State: | County: Anne Arundel | Case Status: No Investigation

An Illicit Drug Induced Homicide Doesn’t Discriminate. I know because it took the life of my Son and at the age of 33. He was kind, and loving person. He could put a smile on anyone’s face whenever he walked into a room with his silly sense of humor. He was a person who would stick up for someone that was being bullied. He was all of these things and more and yet he struggled with feelings of not being good enough, It is my belief that he felt this way from the lack there of a father and son bond, one that traditionally held an unconditional love. His father remarried to other times. Kenneth really didn’t know what it was like to have us together due to the fact, I made his dad leave when Kenneth was three months old, Kenny‘s dad‘s third marriage his wife was not nice to him and big Kenny had more to do with her kids, then he did with his only child (son Kenny).
I’m not gonna say Kenneth did not try marijuana but I can say Kenny played sports all the way through high school he went into the Air Force. I blame the Air Force for his drug problem because he hurt his self and the Air Force and they were throwing the pills at him, he got an honorable discharge. From there on, he struggled with pills when in rehab a few times when in sober living, then he was doing good and we thought he was on the right track. He moved out of our town to a different town with his fiancé was working for a plumbing company making great money. I spoke to him on a Saturday on my way home from Myrtle Beach he said mom I got to go. I love you and I’ll talk to you on Monday. I said OK son. I love you too, I got a knock on my door Monday morning. My son was deceased. It was the second time that I got a knock on my door to tell me that one of my kids passed away from a drug overdose 2 1/2 years prior to that my stepson passed away from a drug overdose and got a knock on our door. They were both early in the morning 15 minutes after my husband left for work so I had that by myself both times.
They have never found anyone to charge, so the case was dropped . So needless to say, I have a lot of anger that they couldn’t find the person that sold him the drugs that was laced with fentanyl.. not only am I mad that they can’t figure out who sold him the drugs I’m mad at the Air Force because they are so easily distributing pills left and right and I do believe that’s how My Baby got addicted.
Forever, 33, Kenneth James Ammon, jr

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