Kelsie Hix

Age: 23 | State: | County: Greenville | Case Status: Pending

Kelsie was 23 and my heart, soul, my everything, and she was taken from me, her family and the world by evil, poisoned by Fentanyl, in the form of a fake Xanax pill on February 27,2022. This day was the beginning of my forever nightmare, one I will live the rest of my days. Kelsie had an infectious giggle, eyes as big and bright as the sun and a smile that could light up the darkest room. She loved astrology, numerology, crystals, her 2 dogs and her family. Kelsie was just beginning to live, but she never had the chance. She was an old soul, caring deeply for others, felt deeply, lived deeply and hurt deeply. Kelsie was my girl, since before she was born. Losing her has destroyed my life. Fentanyl has destroyed my life. My dream now is to be with her again, but until then I am spreading awareness of fentanyl dangers through her nonprofit Kelsie’s Cause, in hopes to save other families this unspeakable pain. This pain that never ends.