Keanu Apodaca-Young

Age: 17 | State: | County: Sacramento | Case Status: Closed

Keanu had passed away due to fentanyl poisoning by taking a perk 30 pill, which was laced with fentanyl.
He reunited with an old-school friend who happened to be a pill popper. She took advantage of him by using him to connect and retrieve perk 30 pills for her from the drug dealer through Instagram messenger. I believe he was curious to feel what she had felt while taking these pills, and it just so happened that it took his life and not hers.  Keanu passed away in the men’s restroom at a park that is across the street from our home. He did have a friend with him at the time of his fentanyl poisoning, whom did not go and retrieve any help. The individual robbed him of his marijuana he had, and left him there for dead. The persons who have found him were the cleaning lady and her son of the parks who had called 911 by then it was already too late.

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