Kathleen Mancini

Age: 33 | State: | County: Onondaga | Case Status: No Investigation

Katy passed away from a heart attack brought on by smoking crack. Her heart was weak from years of drug use. Yet, she had the biggest and kindest heart of anyone I knew. She called her son every night, as he is with me, no matter where she was. She sent him little gifts in the mail. She was always smiling and laughing, and always made us laugh. The pain of losing her is unbearable.

In New York State we have a bail reform law, that releases “ non-violent offenders” back onto the street without detention or bail. Two months before my daughter passed away, we had not heard from her for a week. When I met with law enforcement to file a missing person petition, he brought up on his computer the pictures of known drug dealers in the area. When I asked why he knows about these people, and they’re still roaming the streets, he told me about the “ catch and release” law. This law has enabled so many of our children to be poisoned by these people.

I see Katy in her son every day. He has wonderful memories of Mommy, as do I. I pray these memories will get us through every day.

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