Kailyn Kaough

Age: 26 | State: | County: East Baton Rouge | Case Status: Closed

My daughter was intentionally poisoned with fentanyl in February 2021. I have been forced to investigate completely on my own—all of the data needed to make an arrest is on her iPhone (which I have the password to open), but neither the police nor the DA will do anything about it. The Baton Rouge Police Department only has EIGHT (8) homicide detectives….several of whom are working on over 12-15 active cases at once. This is unacceptable. I KNOW EXACTLY WHO POISONED HER, I have documented probable cause, but no one will help me. I feel like I am living in a 3rd world country or something. I seriously consider taking matters into my own hands, but I always shut those thoughts down. I have two daughters still down here with me that I must protect.
I love my daughter. She was my everything—therefore, I cannot rest until she gets justice. I have quit my career and devoted the rest of my misery down here on Earth to changing the laws within the State of Louisiana.
I live in a daily world of loss & sadness & fury. I am not afraid of anything  or anyone. I would walk into any situation and I would risk anything to prevent this from happening to another Mom. I would napalm this city to the ground, I truly would. Feel rather helpless today.

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