Kaden Vincent

Age: 18 | State: | County: Parker | Case Status: Conviction

Kaden was my only grandson, he, his girlfriend and their infant child had just moved in with me in January of 2021. He was about a month away from graduation and we had planned a trip to Mexico to celebrate his graduating high school. He took 1/2 of what he thought was a Percocet, but it was laced with a deadly dose of fentanyl. We found him unresponsive early, about 3 am on the morning of April 13, 2021. He had plans for his future, being a father, getting married, moving out eventually with his girlfriend and his son, Dean. He was looking forward to our trip to Mexico, he had been many times and wanted to show his girlfriend the beautiful beaches.  We were lucky as the law enforcement took swift action and eventually caught the person who sold the drugs to him on Snapchat and now they are in federal prison. They also were able to convict the supplier. He is also serving time in a federal prison. They were able to link his case to the Sinola cartel from Mexico. I attended the sentencing for both and gave a victim impact statement.  Their sentences in prison were not long enough, Kaden’s sentence is for life!

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