Justin Long

Age: 32 | State: | County: Lynchburg | Case Status: No Investigation

We both worked as caretakers for my mother, at this time my mother had been getting a lot of packages in the mail. So neither of them looked at the address in which the package was supposed to be delivered too. She opened the package while he was working on cleaning. When she opened the package she found aluminum foil that contained it  a brick that was blue and white. She called my husband in the room to examine the brick. He broke it up with his fingers.. and it turned  into a powdery substance. He then told my ma not to touch it and not to tell me about what they had found until they figure out what it was, at this point my ma decided to see where the package came from… then they realized the error of opening a package that wasn’t even addressed to my mother.. it had the neighbors address . The name was  dem Rex.. with the neighbors address. By this time Justin had already licked his finger. Ma said he stated  to her that it tasted  like a pill and that definitely was not cocaine.
At 415 my husband left my mothers house to go to Walmart to pick up bleach to spray the yard where we had just gone through parvo and lost three puppies… it wasnt until 530 that someone called 911 and at 6:59pm I received the call.
His name is Justin John Long
He was only 32 years old, he had been working with my brother on the side installing Windows. He has two children from a previous marriage Izzy and Jace long. (His entire universe!) he was a mommas boy!! Always looked out for people! Friends called him the peace maker! He was the first person to step in the middle of a fight and insist everyone talk it out! He loved loved loved music!! He always wanted to be a veterinarian but his biggest dream was to get back to welding which is what he had a degree in! He was a drinker…
He didn’t do drugs! He wouldn’t even smoke pot he lost too many friends from ods… he would have a few beers when he was done with the day and that’s it!

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