Justin Hubbard

Age: 24 | State: | County: Hillsborough | Case Status: Open

Justin was a beautiful son, brother, friend, nephew, cousin, and friend.  His loss has devastated so many of us. leaving us all here wondering why.

Have you ever met someone that could view life in such an amazing, positive way?

Have you ever met someone, who smiled with their eyes?

This was our Justin.

I do believe that Justin’s downfall was his positivity and trust, in the end.  He was re-establishing himself.  Resetting and taking control over his life.  He was putting himself

first, finally. He had plans.  We had plans!

He  did not believe that anyone would ever cause him intentional harm.

Unfortunately, crossing paths and trusting the wrong dealers,  Justin was poisoned.  He was murdered.

Our life here without him,  has caused a huge hole, in the hearts of so many of us.

Fentynyl is a devil in disguise.  My first gut instinct was to not tell people how he died.  I didnt want people to envision my beautiful son as a druggee.

Now, I shout how he was poisoned, every chance I get!  People need to understand that this is not an epidemic, just effecting people on the streets.

And if it was, I will say it again.  NOBODY DESERVES TO BE POISONED!  This is effecting our children, our siblings, our neighbors, etc, in all classes of America.

It’s really sad that I have to consider myself lucky, that my son was murdered by poison in a state that recognizes it, as murder.

I appeal to anyone reading this, to reach out to your state representatives, and yell and scream to anyone who will listen, the dangers of this poison.

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