Julia Crabbe

Age: 21 | State: | County: Loudoun | Case Status: Closed

Julia was vibrant, intelligent, loving and charming with a dash of sarcasm. She was passionate about food and cooking, saving animals, and had an interest in make-up. She attended an alternative high school completing the last two years in just four months and planned to go to the local Community College. Julia was working at the front desk of a gym when a member, who was a photographer, asked to collaborate with her for modeling. She was an amazing young woman living life her way, full of love and hope.

Julia was close to her brother, Zachary. Her mother, Michelle said, “Looking back at pictures, she always had her arm around him; she was very protective. Her mom fondly remembers cooking together in the kitchen, watching scary movies like Hocus Pocus and a family vacation to Ocean City, MD..

Still pursuing her modeling career part timeJulia left the gym and got a job at the front desk of the Staybridge Suites where she was in line for manager training. She took a trip with her best friend to L.A. and was considering a move there because of the potential for modeling.  

Julia was bipolar and sometimes had manic episodes, so when she acted a bit irrationally shortly before she passed, Michelle did not know it was due to drug use. The evening Julia was poisoned she was with her boyfriend and others; they never called 911 and delayed taking her to the hospital; it was too late for her to be revived. After Julia’s death, her mother told Julia’s story before the State Senate to support State Bill 667. The bill was passed April 9, 2020 and provides protection from prosecution for people calling 911 to help in overdosesShe is very proud of helping to get the bill passed. 

Every day Michelle posts something positive online. “You can be a victim or an advocate, bad shit happens to people all the time, but you have a choice in how you respond, she said. ‘I choose positivity and light, though I have my moments. Very early on I decided not to play the “what if” game. You are not living if you are not moving forward.

Julia had 17 meaningful, well thought out tattoos including a sunflower, a yin yang and one in Arabic on her collarbone, meaning peace and happiness. Since Julia’s passing, her mother got some tattoos honoring her. Her brother and mother have necklaces that hold some of Julia’s ashesAshes have also been spread in several places that have meaning to Julia and the family. I am glad I can take her with me wherever I go, her mom said.

Julia’s mother, Michelle Ross, provided the information for this narrative. 

April 17, 1998-November 14, 2019 

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