Joshus Msthewson

Age: 27 | State: | County: Harnett | Case Status: Pending

My only son, Joshua Mathewson was poisoned two weeks to the day after his 27th birthday. He was killed with 27ng of fentanyl. His killer has been arrested and we are working through the system towards trial. My sons killer was arrested with felony cocaine, felony fentanyl and felony marijuana wax 11 months after Joshuas death.

Joshua was the light, the glue that held so many people together. I can tell you he was a son, a brother, uncle, grandchild. But those labels cannot show you the depth of love and devotion he poured into the people who gave him those labels. How he planned to be in charge of his disabled nephews care, how he ran straight from work to watch another nephew play baseball, how he went to his sister’s just to see and cuddle his youngest nephew who still calls for him. How he text and called his mom every day, how he looked up to his dad. How he threw himself on the couch to watch football or hockey with us, while sharing the details of his day, his plans. How he brought his friends home for a meal, made them part of our family, how he would try to help them through almost anything. How he continued to live at home because he worried so much about his mom and her health. How hard he worked and how proud he was of a job done well. Joshua was smart, kind, funny, with a heart that was so big. He would defend anyone if he saw they were being wronged with no worry for himself.

Because of Joshua, we chose to form JOSHUAS ARMY FIGHTS FENTANYL. To protect other families from this pain, to keep other families lived ones from being deceived to death. Joshua never realized the impact he made on others, but we will continue that for him, in his name.