Joshua Bulman

Age: 25 | State: | County: Stanislaus | Case Status: No Investigation

Joshua was born October 15th 1996, josh was my only child. Josh was a true angle, he was my everything, I  raised him being a single working mother. Josh learned how to ride motorcycles at age 5, he loved fishing and he had such a kind heart that has made most of his childhood friends his brothers. josh wasn’t into people being bullied, and he stood up for the kids being picked on which inturn most became his friends for life. Josh was always making people laugh, he had a way of talking in different voices he could have been a voice over for cartoons. Josh also loved history he loved that his great grandfather built the cabin we still go to in the summer time at Kirkwood California. Josh started taking percucets in  for the pain from 3 hernias, then he sometimes would take a zanax to help him sleep, that started in 2018, then one night he did cocaine and had a seizure which put him in the hospital, so he went into a 30day rehab, I thought for sure he was done. Josh got a job met his girlfriend and then started taking zanax, and if he couldn’t get that he’d take a pain pill, after I found out he was sent to Idaho with family members, got clean and started working again.after 4 months he came back home to be with me,that was Christmas 2020. December 13 2021 Josh was living with his great aunt he left with friends and came by to see me that was my last I love you and don’t worry I’m going to get cigarettes and going home. 2 hrs later I’m talking to my aunt, he should be there since she lived 5 minutes away,when he did show up he was happy excited that his great aunt bought crab for the both of them then hugged her saying he needed to use the bathroom. I  called talking about Christmas list and waiting for him to come out of the bathroom, thinking he was taking a shower. After 20 minutes I told my aunt to knock on the door make him answer you, there was no reply, she broke the door open, where she seen Josh slumped over with vomit, my cousin grabbed him started CPR while my aunt called 911. I drove as fast as I could, paramedics were working him when I came through the door, they said they got a heart beat and were taking him to the hospital,when I saw him the next morning they had a cooling machine on him and the breathing machine, they took ct scans and an eeg on his brain. No police showed up at my aunts house or the hospital. I still have most of that lil blue pill because that was left in the bathroom.dec 15th they slowly took of the cooling system, they did more test,and on the 17th I was informed he was brain dead, because he was a donor Josh on Dec 22 2021 saved 8 lives, they also did skin graphs to help burn victims, he had perfect skin, he didn’t have any tattoos since he promised me he’d wait till he was 27 like me, no scars, nothing. I just got a call on April 30th 2023 that the retinas were used, one went to a 34 yr.old woman and the other to a 36 yr.old man.  My son never got to be a father. Oh and one more thing they only tested him the basic drugs,he was never tested for fentanyl,  but gave him Fentanyl the first 3 days in the hospital because of the breathing machine, I asked several times why they were giving him Fentanyl and why didn’t they test him, I spent the next 10 days next to him in CCU, when I called the police in the hospital the dispatcher told me it was Josh’s fault because he took it and no police would be coming out, so I cussed her out.the only reason I know it was fentanyl is because I tested the pill twice both times positive fentanyl,  they still didn’t care, called the DEA because I have the people he was with and the person he bought it from, nothing has happened,  Josh’s death certificate says zanax and cocaine overdose, but the nurses said there was hardly anything in his system, that he could have taken it in the last month, all they would tell me is that they had traces of both in his system. So Josh wasn’t counted as a fentanyl poisoning, but I know that’s exactly what happened. Jan 6th 2022 I buried my only child, and trying my best to fight this corrupt system. Sorry it was long. Sincerely Michelle Bulman Josh’s mom