Jordan Woltz

Age: 36 | State: | County: Lycoming | Case Status: No Investigation

My son Jordan was poisoned with fentanyl during the beginning of Covid-19 on April 23,2020. He died at age 36 during the lockdown. He had two years of sobriety from drugs and was no longer able to attend 12 step meetings per the lockdown. His anxiety was up and he relapsed. He thought he was using cocaine and it was laced with fentanyl,  3xs above the legal limit. He fell out immediately and died of a massive heart attack.  There was no investigation. The toxicology report showed only fentanyl and cocaine in his blood. They did not do an Autopsy because the coroner’s office did not have the financial resources to do so, and the state police contacted me to come pick up his phone six months after the statute of limitations had expired. This was the only time that I had ever been contacted by anybody. I met with all powers that be and told my Son’s story, to no avail! His death certificate reads accidental overdose. I contacted the coroner’s office and requested it be changed to fentanyl poisoning and my request was denied. At the very least the record should have been changed to reflect the truth and it was not. What a sad legacy for my child after a life long battle with addiction, to be labeled a druggie and treated with such poor disregard at the time of his death. He was an honor student in High School, worked in a supervisory position earning 6 figures annually, and leaves behind 3 children. His children speak of how much they miss their dad and all the hugs and conversations together. He taught them how to live and conduct their lives,and his daughter then at 14 years of age said…” I wish my dad would have taught me how to live without him.” This was crushing! She went on to study Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. You see, my Son’s life mattered!

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