Jordan Jackson

Age: 25 | State: | County: Park | Case Status: Open

My son Jordan Lee Jackson was 25 years old on the day he passed. Jordan thought he was buying two oxycodone on 1/2/2023, Jordan didn’t show up for work on 1/3/2023 and was found by a Co- Worker in his apartment that morning as they were concerned because it was very unusual for Jordan to not show up for work. It turned out Jordan passed from Fentanyl Poisoning mixed with Cocaine. Jordan had taken a half of a pill, the other half was still on his nightstand. Jordan was loving, caring, funny, had a smile that would light up a room. Jordan was so kind and never met a stranger! In Jordan’s short life he was able to travel the county playing with an AAU basketball team and after high school was able to travel the county in a local band in which he played guitar that he taught himself to play. Jordan is missed and loved by so many across the county!

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