John Morales IV

Age: 29 | State: | County: St. Charles | Case Status: Unknown

My son was poisoned in December 2023 when he was 29. He is the oldest of my 6 children. He was such am amazing person. When he loved you, he loved with his whole heart. He would literally give you the shirt off his back or his last dollar to someone in need. His case was investigated by muliple agencies but it seems the city and county did a minimal investigation and closed his case. Last I looked into his case some months ago it was still an open case with the drug task force. It has been a roller-coaster of feeling of loss and being overwhelmed by a system that some take drug induced homicide seriously amd others do not. It has been a difficult journey for myself and his other siblings. But we are closer as a family than we were before. There aren’t words left unsaid. We are working to find ways to honor him and make sense of the poisoning of so many loved ones.