John Finnegan

Age: 27 | State: | County: Oak Grove | Case Status: No Investigation

It Can Happen To Anyone

An Illicit Drug Induced Homicide Doesn’t Discriminate. I know because it took the life of my Son and Only Childย at the age of 27. He was a father to an only Son of his own (age 3) and a bonus dad to a daughter (age 10) since she was 2 and a half years of age. He was a kind, and loving person with an “Old Soul” at a very young age. He could put a smile on anyone’s face whenever he walked into a room with his silly sense of humor. He was a person who would stick up for someone that was being bullied. He was all of these things and more and yet he struggled with feelings of not being good enough as he became older that stemmed after the divorce of his father and I when he was only 2. It is my belief that he felt this way from the lack there of a father and son bond, one that traditionally held an unconditional love. He struggled with some behavioral problems as he entered grade school that would gradually worsen into high school and his early twenties. He was taking medication for ADD and ODD after attending family counseling with a professional over the course of a few years and then he was prescribed by our family physician after he and I had discontinued counseling at his request. He started to experiment with marijuana at age 16 and during one of his doctor’s appointments he failed a random drug screening put into place in our state of residence because the medication was considered a controlled substance and was immediately taken off. I believe my son continued to self medicate with marijuana and once shared with me of other drugs he had “tried” but that was only once. After he moved from home with his girlfriend (later his fiance and mother to his son) he had been to jail and in the court system several times. I wasn’t aware of any other drug use other than smoking marijuana and drinking when out with his friends. He was still in and out of jail for misdemeanors thus still under the court system. His son was born in 2019 and was not allowed to leave unless they were in the presence of adults without a criminal history which ended up staying with me and my parents where I was living at the time. He did not share much of their business unless they needed financial help that increased with Covid 19 as millions experienced hardship with the lockdowns. I continued to help them up until his death unaware of things that were happening in both their lives. Things that I should have been made aware of and the severity. My son died on June 12, 2022 at 2:32pm. From the Medical Examiner’s report his death was caused by high levels of Fentanyl as well as CarFentanil laced in the cocaine he either bought or was given. Other than being notified by her Mother coming to my parent’s home on her way to their home. I wasn’t notified by the investigator or the EMT’s who worked on my son for several minutes performing CPR and administered Narcan. I was unable to get to my son due to a serious car accident where I had been air flighted to a hospital in another state from spinal injuries that left me in a C-Collar and back brace for months after the accident exactly two months and twelve days prior to his death. I didn’t receive any other information and was not mentioned to anyone as an emergency contact or that I even existed. I was sent a screenshot of the detective’s card left on their door when she returned several days after the funeral for some of their things. I was still in such shock from my loss that I was oblivious to anything other than his death. I called this detective several times who put me into contact with the coroner and sending out the report after having to give proof that I was in fact his mother since I was never mentioned that day. I questioned, “please explain exactly how does this happen?” I can’t even remember his response and still question everything over and over again since. I later found out through the detective they didn’t have any case due to lack of any evidence at the residence. Only later to had even more pain to my loss that the person he trusted had removed all of the evidence, as I realized that drugs laced wouldn’t enable him to remove anything of what he had taken before collapsing onto the floor. I had no idea of what these Illicit drugs were not to mention they would kill several people from the amounts found in his system. After reading what CarFentanil was I vomited and I couldn’t continue to read the entirety of the report. To this day I have yet to finish. It’s been 435 days since I tragically lost my son without justice to a criminal act to negligence and the stigma of it being an “Overdose” rather than what it is, “A Drug Induced Homicide”. It will continue to take the lives of loved ones everywhere until our Government does something about the epidemic and those responsible for millions of deaths to be accountable and put behind barsย  I speak for all of the families and I too feel that excruciating pain every single day. I feel not only my pain but for my grandson, now 4 years old who has to grow up without his Dad and all of my family, my son’s friends and the many lives that he touched. I share my son’s life, death so that no one else should have to experience the loss of your child at any age or a loved one in the struggle of an addiction or by one account from the evilness in our world we live in today.

My Love and Prayers go out to you ALL!!

John’s Mom ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™

๐Ÿ’š Forever 27 ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

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