Jillian Searle

Age: 19 | State: | County: Tulsa | Case Status: Conviction

My beautiful daughter felt like she was never popular when she got to junior high. She started smoking weed with her friends to fit in.

In her freshman year of school she had a root canal and was prescribed opiates, that’s when her life changed. Loving the feeling from the opiates she constantly craved that high. Her new boyfriend introduced her to Heroin by giving her the first injection at a party shortly after she turned 15. This was the beginning of hell on earth for her and our  family. Watching her life be destroyed by this poison we and she  did everything we knew to do including tough love. After several overdoses and life saving measures she got her lethal dose at the age of 19. I found her In her bedroom in a sitting position on the side of her bed with the needle on the floor beneath her. I used three Injectible NARCAN on her but it was too late. Paramedics did get a faint heartbeat enough to take her to the hospital where she later passed. We didn’t even have time for organ donation.
The person that sold her and her friends  that lethal dose was charged with felony murder four days after her death and sentenced 18 months later to 30 years for second degree murder. We as a family chose not to go to trial and our DA worked very closely with us to work on a plea deal. The  dealer finally took the plea offer three days before her trial was originally scheduled to begin. Although the felony murder law was written in 1989 my daughters was the first case it was actually used for in Tulsa county. Since then 6 more dealers have been charged and sentenced under the felony murder law. There are currently 22 more cases in Tulsa County waiting for trial.
This has destroyed our family in so many ways. My sons and daughters addictions have only gotten worse. My youngest son is currently in prison from a drug deal gone bad. Our lives will never be the same. She is missed terribly. I will continue my fight for other families as long as I am able. I admin the DIH for Oklahoma and I also have a family Facebook page called Families Supporting Families that I started a few months after my daughters death for Oklahoma families that have lost their loved ones due to illicit drugs as well as fentanyl poisoning. We hold rally’s through out the year as well as educate the public on the use and importance of NARCAN and are currently holding Fentanyl Awareness Assemblies in local schools.
Thank you for letting me share. Thank you DIH and Terry Almanza for all you do.



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