Jessica Courtney

Age: 35 | State: | County: Fulton | Case Status: Closed

My daughter suffered from traumatic brain injury, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder from legal abuse in Hall County Georgia! In November 28-2022 She went over to somebody’s house and she was suffering severe anxiety and somebody gave her a pill, that pill contained fentanyl and xylazine in it and it killed her in 45 seconds. They left her there for two hours saying they thought she was sleeping even though they reported that she was making gurgling noises and called 911 two hours later when ME pronounced her dead when they got there ! These  people were never prosecuted and the case was closed. They labeled my daughter! My daughter went to the ER two nights prior, and I have her medical records and in those medical records, there was no drugs in her system! The system let us down ! The system let her down! Her killers walk free!

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