Jesse George

Age: 34 | State: | County: Cambria | Case Status: Other

Status of Case: My calls and letters go unanswered

My son, Jesse George, was an accomplished athlete, business professional and all around good guy. Jesse was a 4 year starter on his HS soccer team, was team captain and was also awarded a prestigious place in 2005 Who’s Who Among American High School Athletes.

Jesse played soccer, left wing or center, all 4 years of College and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with a dual major in Business & Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh.   He was scooped up by Farmers insurance as a property claims adjuster  and was sent to Farmers University in LA . His highest wage as 25 year old was $70 k. He was with Farmers for 7 years.
I can with all honesty say, I have never had any problems with Jesse during his youth or when he was in his 20’s. He was launched. After moving to a different company with higher  pay and more flexibility, Jesse’s  OCD was starting to affect him on an unmanageable level . His work performance was suffering. Meanwhile, we were in a state of isolation due to Covid.
Adderall was prescribed to him and he quickly became addicted to this medication. Now at 33 years old in 2020 he started to fall apart. My ex husband and I got him into rehab in august of 2021. My ex, on several occasions called  the center asking them to keep Jesse longer than 30 days, but they refused. So on Monday September 6, 2021, I picked Up Jesse from the rehab. He was scheduled to attend IOP . The following Monday, September 13, was my birthday. We had dinner together on the 12th. The next Monday September 20, 2021, I received the worst call a parent will ever receive-the coroner was notifying me that my son’s body was found in a stairwell of an apartment complex. The apartment building has video and they know the resident who buzzed my son into the building. My son considered him to be his friend but this person is a known dealer. I have given the police and DA vital information regarding the toxicology results but I can’t get anyone to respond to me. I don’t know the case status . I have no #JusticeforJesse at this time.
This is only one dimension of a very good human being. Thank you for allowing me to share my son’s tragic death.
Christine Asfar, mom

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