Jeffrey Potter

Age: 33 | State: | County: San Joaquin | Case Status: No Investigation

On June 17, 2023 we found our son whom we believe was deceased for approximately two days. We know this because we could see the last text he opened. We were concerned because he wouldn’t respond to our texts or phone calls, this was unlike him. We eventually drove to his apartment and upon pulling up we knew what we were walking into  and what would forever alter our families lives. When police arrived they treated him as if he was nothing. They had no empathy or compassion even stating “wow we don’t usually see places this clean”. Never did they once want to question where he got this “little blue pill” from. His phone was next to him and they weren’t interested in the potential that there could be evidence on there that could lead them to the individual that provided the lethal drug that took his life. We have an idea who brought him these pills and disclosed this to them which they could have cared less. The way they handled his body was further more evidence that they are desensitized by these calls. We still have the phone but have been unable to get into it. Something I am still working on.  My son was a wonderful human and they treated him as if he was just a number. My hope is to bring awareness and prevent other families from this excruciating grief. Years ago if you sold drugs there was a consequence, today there is no accountability and my mission is to honor his memory by shining a light on our current way of handling these losses and  getting this poison out of our communities. We can make a difference, together we are capable of honoring these victims.

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