Jay Schwab

Age: 22 | State: | County: Hancock | Case Status: Unknown

I encourage everyone to continue contacting your state’s representatives to get a law passed. I encourage you to keep contacting your local police department and the detectives. Telling them your child is not a statistic but was alive and a human being that needs justice for being the victim of fentanyl/murder…not an overdose.

My son, Jay (Forever 22), suddenly died from a pure fentanyl pill on July 9th, 2021. His habit was to sleep during the day and he was, what looked like to me, sleeping on the couch when I woke up. I let him sleep until I discovered he was dead when I went to wake him up to go to a music festival he planned on attending that weekend.  Oh my God! A primal scream came out of my mouth as my legs gave out and I dropped to the floor screaming “not my child, not my child, oh God! NOT my child!” Over and over.

The night before,  July 8th, when he arrived home that night, he came in my room and I said, “I love you Jay ” and he said, “I love you too mom”.

My son had struggled with a herion addiction from the age of around 14 or 15. I had him in so many rehab centers,  too many to count. He actually was sober for about 3 years. I always hugged him everyday that I could. I told him everyday I loved him and gave encouragement and always told him how much I believed in him .

Jay had been doing wonderfully well staying sober before he died. I found out recently that 3 of his “so called friends ” pulled him back in. And I’m not saying they forced Jay.  He made the decision but those “friends ” just would not let jay be and take the word NO From Jay. Jay gave in to the pressure and temptation and was lured back in to that life style and he got poisoned/murdered.

July 8th, when he came into my bedroom,  he was absolutely sober.

My son, Jay (Forever 22) was a good, smart, kind, compassionate, empathetic,  strong young man. Jay was born with a kind and loving heart. He did not want to be a drug addict.  Jay wanted a wife, kids, house…he wanted to be sober.

My son was poisoned/murdered by a pure fentanyl pill. Jay died immediately and he looked like he was sleeping. No discoloration…nothing. I know for a fact that Jay was not trying to get fentanyl that night or any night. His drug of choice was heroin. Jay had plans for that weekend. My son is a victim of drug induced murder.

On his death certificate the pathologist put acute fentanyl overdose.  Jay had no other drugs in his system.

I’ve tried, and I am still trying,  to work with the coroner and the detective to change the cause of death to fentanyl poisoning/murder.

The Hancock County Coroner was so very rude and absolutely had no compassion or empathy.  He showed me no kindness or understanding  and he owns a funeral home here in Hancock County Indiana.

My fight will continue in order to make this law in Indiana and to educate our state government and the police force.

My son, Jay (Forever 22), was alive, a good son, brother, friend, a human being.  Jay was not a throw away human being.  No one should ever be looked as a throw away person. Say his name! Jay Wesley Schwab.

Jay was VERY loved by me, his mama bear, his siblings, and friends.  Jay touched so many people’s lives in such a positive way.

Jay is very loved and missed by me, his dad, siblings, friends, and those his kind heart touched. Jay would help anyone.

I miss my son Jay (Forever 22). July 9, 2021 broke me. 💔  my soul shattered and my spirit was broken.  I died that day too.

I love and miss you Jay and your million dollar smile and those dimples.  Jay was born smiling.  The nurse said, the day he was born, as soon as he came out, “look at those dimples “.