Jason Bridges

Age: 43 | State: | County: Rutherford | Case Status: Open

My son was poisoned on 1/7/23  at the age  of 43. His case is still open and we are still waiting for justice. It took almost a year to get the autopsy report, and during this time, many more lives were lost. Jason was an awesome son, brother, uncle, great uncle, cousin and friend. The cowards who took his life are still out enjoying all the holidays that have passed while our family is still grieving. Now five more months have passed since the report was sent to the police, and still no justice. We feel defeated, but manage to make it by taking one day at a time. Hopefully, we will be able to tell his story and make a difference for others in this same situation. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of Jason. We will fight to the bitter end until everyone involved is charged. Once we win our battle, my family hopes to spread awareness and seek harsher penalties for others who distribute this poison.