James Harper

Age: 24 | State: | County: StClair | Case Status: Closed

On 2/04/2022 my son past away of being poisoned.  He was given pills by his girlfriend, which she admitted to giving him and later stated she probably shouldn’t have!! I have never heard of drug induced homicide until doing a little research on fentanyl, which was a great dose found in my sons system! In speaking to the police chief he keeps telling me “there’s nothing I can do” even after the fact another similar instance happened in the same town and then he has the nerve to tell me that there is a high drug rate in our county!! Again he tells me he is sorry for my loss and doesn’t even look me in the eyes when yet again he tells me “there’s nothing I can do”!! So I tell him there is a drug dealer selling spiked drugs with fentanyl in the county you are chief in and there’s nothing you can do? Being a mother of her only child being poisoned by this I find highly unacceptable!! There is something everyone can do!  I will not sit by and let this happen to another parent as it is a lot to bare!! These drug dealers or the people giving drugs to other people need to be held accountable!!  We need to get these drugs off the streets and these people behind bars!

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