Jacob Wilder

Age: 23 | State: | County: Lake | Case Status: Closed

Jacob had the biggest heart of gold, he had the most beautiful soul.. He struggled with addiction (pills, Marijuana, and heroin) on and off for about 5 years before his passing. However when he passed he had been 5 months clean due to getting himself into a little trouble and he spent those 5 months in a work release program.. He got out of work release on July 5th of 2021 and passed on July 22nd of 2021. I only had him home for 17 days. I don’t know why he chose to use again but he did and it took his life. He had asked around to all of his close friends trying to get vicodin, however his close friends turned him away because they cared for him and didn’t want to see him get back into that life style which led him to facebook message someone who was just an acquaintance and didn’t care about him at all and he was sold straight fentanyl. He had 45.5ng of fentanyl in his system, he didn’t stand a chance.. His case is closed and my whole world is forever shattered..

Jacob is Forever 23💜

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