Jacob Moe

Age: 31 | State: | County: Anoka | Case Status: Open

My son Jacob was poisoned on Feb 6, 2021.  He was only 31.  Just turned 31 on Jan 17.  We celebrated his birthday too.  He recently had hernia surgery on Jan 14th.  He was in pain still.   He texted his best friend and his best friend hooked him up with a dealer for some oxy.  Little did Jacob know that would be his biggest gamble of his life.  Jacob went to go get them on Feb 4, 2021.  I know he passed away that night.  No one could get ahold of him all day Friday, so I went over to his apartment Feb 6 that Saturday.   I could hear his TV on.  I knocked.   Screamed through the door but no luck.   I had to call police.  They came and they found him on the couch with his phone in his lap.  On the table next to him were pills.  19 of them. He only took 1 which cost him his life.  They were tainted with fentanyl.   Police took his phone. All the info was on Jacob’s phone which led them to his best friend.  He got arrested.  Trial is going on still.  Jacob was a some what gambler BUT this cost him his life.

Jacob had such a great sense of humor.  His witty short 1 liners, his math that he could do on his head amazed us all.  Jacob had a big heart.  He always wanted to make sure you were good.  Jacob loved dogs.  And all dogs loved him.  He had h8s way.  So loving to watch him.  He was my south paw too…Jacob is an uncle now and he will never get to meet his niece who was born on 4/26/2024.

This is the hardest thing a parent could ever go through.  Still battling this every day.