Jacob Jimenez

Age: 23 | State: | County: Riverside | Case Status: Open

Jake was an adventurous little boy.  We never knew when he was going to jump off something and need stitches.  He always kept himself entertained, and entertained all of us. He always gave the best hugs as a child and as an adult.  You could feel the love.  He loved being outdoors as a kid playing football at the park with friends, or really anything athletic like skateboarding or soccer.  He really loved playing popwarner football through grade school and middle school.  When he began high school he found a new interest in wrestling, and excelled in it.  He then attended Palomar college where he also wrestled.  He always had a smile on his face.  He was known for making poeple laugh with his silly voices and jokes.  He loved to golf,skateboard,surf, and snowboard. He was always available when a friend needed help to move or change a tire.  He acquired an interest in cooking when he worked as a cook at a winery, but his goal was to become a fireman.  It came natural to him to help people. We all miss him dearly.  

He was struggling with an addiction to oxycodone, but he went to rehab and was doing well for months.  We had a great family weekend together, but a dealer on Snapchat enticed him to make a purchase.  Only this time he was given fake oxy, which ended up to be fentanyl, and killed him instantly.  These murders contact our loved ones easily through social media and deliver poison to them in minutes!  My son didn’t deserve to die.

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