Jacob Guerrero

Age: 31 | State: | County: Tucson | Case Status: Closed

On May 30, 2020 I was at the store shopping to buy Jacob a pillow that he had asked to buy him. While I was there I saw a backpack that I thought he would like, so I called him to ask if he wanted it. I rang several times and there was no answer. About 10 minutes later my brother in law called me frantic saying that Jacob was unresponsive. I flew out the door leaving everything thrown by the exit of the store. Telling the security guard that my son was unresponsive. As I left I was looking at the sky pleading for God to help him. I have never driven so fast as I did that day. I arrived to see at least 6 paramedics working on him. I kept asking the paramedics if he was responsive and they kept saying no. I was pacing, screaming, praying and pleading with God to please let him wake up. They loaded him into the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital, we followed behind it. I did a live Facebook video asking people to pray for Jacob, but I had the feeling that he wouldn’t survive. We arrived at the hospital and had to wait on the curb, because Covid was in full force. Finally someone came out to let us come into the hospital, where they took us into a room. We all know what that means. I got to go in and see him and pray over him since a priest wouldn’t be allowed into the hospital. From what I understand he was dabbling with cocaine on and off. He was not a person that would ever use drugs from my knowledge. He had passed many drug tests through the years for jobs. He had just given blood a month prior and had a clean test. My mother died 1 month to the day prior to his death and I know it had a huge affect on him. He was also seeing a girl that used drugs quite often. The cocaine Jacob had used had fentanyl/carfentanil  in it. I have no doubt he had no idea that fentanyl/carfentanil was in the cocaine that he used. The person/people that sold him the cocaine have never been caught, so unfortunately he didn’t get justice. Justice will be served by God. Jacob C. Guerrero will forever be 31 years old. He did not die in vain, his story has been shared countless times in hopes to save a life or two.