Jacob Craft

Age: 24 | State: | County: Jefferson | Case Status: Open

Jacob had the biggest heart … he would do anything to help someone out .. Jacob was a fabulous Artist loved Origami … and Mastered it … he was a licensed hairdresser and loved to be by the ocean .. scuba diving with his family… He always lived at home and never wanted to be far from it … the day of Jacobs death was 5-30-18 he had went out of the house for a few minutes…I was getting ready for work ..an hour later I went downstairs to find him with his head on my desk slumped over … I gave him Narcan and CPR called EMS but we could not bring him back … the Toxicology report showed he was poisoned by Fentanyl and Car Fentanyl… so Much it would have killed several people…the medical examiner told me that he went into a deep sleep ..Jacob was my baby … my life has changed drastically…. I keep his memory alive and say his name.. Jacob Never Forgotten..the Drug Induced Homicide case remains open but the detectives will not return my calls … I will continue to say Jacobs name and wait until he reaches for me to join him someday

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