Jack Crivellone

Age: 23 | State: | County: Cook | Case Status: Unknown

My son, Jack Crivellone was poisoned/murdered on (1-26-2021) and was found in his bed by his father. My son laid for hours and hours while we waited for the Cook County Medical Examiner to get there. We were told the medical examiners were so backed up because so many people are being poisoned and murdered. I was also told by the Evergreen Park Police Department that they were extremely backed up and didn’t know when they would be able to have an investigation… because at that time so many detectives were out with COVID. ( UNACCEPTABLE) I was dismissed every time I contacted the police department. I was also told that they didn’t think they would be able to get into my sons cell phone even after I told them specific details regarding my son. So as far as the case… I do not believe there was an investigation. They really were awful!!!

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