Heath Knotts

Age: 36 | State: | County: Harrison | Case Status: Open

My son had been clean for 13 months. He evidently relapsed & got what he thought was cocaine. I found him in the bathroom & the door was locked. A girl he was seeing was here & I was screaming for her to help me get the door open. When she finally came down I was just getting the door open & he fell into my arms. I dragged him out of the bathroom & tried CPR while she called 911. I knew it was too late when the paramedics got here. This girl was obviously upset but needed to get out of here. She called her mother to come get her. The cop let her leave without getting a statement or checking her belongings. She stepped over my son’s body to get out. I later found a baggie in his shorts pocket that looked like it might be cocaine. I called the cops & they came to get the drugs & said they would dispose of them. I said No. I want to prosecute so he contacted the DEA. I called the detective a few days later to see if the drugs had been tested. He told me it was 100% pure fentanyl. I knew that was not what my son would take. I said so you’re telling me he was murdered? He said yes ma’am. It took 10 months to get the toxicology report. There were text messages from a girl saying what color baggie did I give you & how much did I give you. Several things were missed but he definitely was poisoned with fentanyl. Nobody to date has been arrested for his death.

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