Hayden Dippolito

Age: 17 | State: | County: Los Angeles | Case Status: Pending

On May 29th 2020 Hayden graduated highschool. Since it was during the pandemic there was not any large celebrations going on. Hayden’s best friend brother decided he would help my son celebrate by introducing him to “popping an Oxy”. Not his brother of course, just my son.  He even explained to my son how good it felt, and the different ways to enhance the high. My son, trusting this guy who is years older than him, decided to take that pill alone in his room the following evening, Saturday May 30th, 2020. My last words to my son were, “goodnight, I love you!”. My son died instantly from fentanyl toxicity. I found him the following morning. Autopsy showed no alcohol. No weed. No Oxytocin, nothing but pure fentanyl. Before this day I never heard of fentanyl. After, My surving children, my sons father, and I lost our innocence. Life would never be the same for us. And my sweet blue eyed baby. He lost his life. He never had a chance. He was enrolled in college. Working pt and even had a blooming romance with a girl from the neighbor. I will never know how his story would have ended because this person robbed my son of his life, simply because my son trusted him. The person accused of my sons death is currently in federal custody pending trial for his death. 20 to life. Not nearly enough for this life of pain. Its been almost 3 years of fighting. It’s finally time to tell Hayden’s story. I begin here. Thank you! Hay’s Mama