Haley Scrugbs

Age: 29 | State: | County: Tulsa | Case Status: Open

Haley was 29 when she passed from Fentanyl poisoning! She had a long hard road with all types of drugs. Haley had been to several rehabs, but even though as hard as she tried to stay clean the dealers would continue to reach out to her either through text, social media, or just seeing them out and about they would say HEY GIRL DO YOU NEED OR WANT ANYTHING and then down the dark hole would start all over again. Not saying it was only their fault but one way or the other she would fall right back!

Haley was living at home with us with her 8 year old son when we finally had to make her move out for reasons that I wish not explain, that was in October of 21. Not having a place of her own she moved from friend to friend until she moved in with her boyfriend where she was found by him after he could not get ahold of her for several hours he rushed home to find her unresponsive. He did try CPR but it was too late.
Haley had enough Fentanyl in her system to kill 10 grown men.
Haley was a very loving, outgoing, life of the party. She was a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and a friend to many. She loved her son more then life itself but the demons were way to harsh for her to fight off. Now her son will only have the few years of memories that he will remember of her which is so not fair.
We will always carry her memory with us. She is so loved and missed.

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