Haley Cash

Age: 22 | State: | County: Saint Louis | Case Status: No Investigation

Haley Kathryn Cash had many family members anxiously awaiting her arrival being my first child and the first grandchild on both sides of the family on the day she was born. She was the center of attention for almost 7 years before her younger sister and cousins came along. She was just as pleased to have them to dress up and play with. When Haley was 14 her Father died of complications due to alcoholism. His death had a profound effect on her and she struggled with depression throughout high school and college. She came to me when she had tried what she thought was heroin because she was scared of how addicted she became after such a short amount of time. Haley willingly entered a rehab facility in 2017. That is when we were told that the “heroin” she thought she took was actually fentanyl, not just laced with fentanyl, but 100% fentanyl. There was not much information available about the fentanyl at the time, nor were there tests that detected it. She relapsed in 2019 and decided that long term rehab was needed. Haley stayed for nearly nine months and became the amazing girl we remembered again. She left rehab this time with many resources, family involvement and we were all much more educated and prepared. Haley was working, started dating someone really special, and taking part in all things family again. She wanted to make up for lost time, but more than that, she started talking about her future and goals! On February 9th of 2020 I received a call from Haley’s phone early in the morning. I answered giggling that they were up really early for a Sunday, but I only heard her boyfriend’s voice, and he was laughing, no, wait, Haley wasn’t laughing with him. He was crying. An officer got on the phone and my world tilted. I went to his home and she was still lying in the bathroom where she died. Her boyfriend said that she told him she took a Xanax the night before, but the autopsy showed fentanyl in her system and no Xanax. No investigation was conducted and no one knows where she obtained the laced Xanax.