Gregory Shea II

Age: 21 | State: | County: Plymouth | Case Status: No Investigation

Gregory was an outgoing ,fun loving, very social young man. He loved the outdoors, whether he was hiking a local trail or walking  the beach with his German shepherd Phionna. He was struck down by fentanyl in the prime of his young life leaving his parents, siblings and friends in bewildered disbelief. We all miss him so much.we mourn for him everyday.

As of this writing the person who sold Gregory the fentanyl is still walking free while our son is dead. We have been told by law enforcement that they have done all they can. They told us that the way the law is written in our state (Massachusetts) it is just impossible to prosecute the dealer. As a result we have reached out to our state legislators asking for help in getting a law on the books dealing specifically with fentanyl. We were lucky enough to get a state senator to respond and take an interest in our son’s case. The senator and his staff are currently working on writing legislation specific to fentanyl prosecution.We know this is a long up hill battle but we are ready for the fight and look forward to a positive outcome.

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