Graham Lease

Age: 26 | State: | County: Brunswick | Case Status: Open

Graham was born on New Year’s Eve 1992.  He is the youngest of 3 brothers, my son’s.  Graham started played numerous sports growing up, especially baseball.  The Baltimore Orioles.  He also liked football.  The Washington Commanders.  He enjoyed music, playing the harmonica and guitar and hanging out with his brothers Alex and Ben, going to see his brother Alex perform live!  Graham was his brother Alex’s #1 fan.  He loved his family very much and also his numerous friends.  He was a jokester and always telling jokes, smiling and laughing.  He was a hugger and genuine.  Graham had a heart of gold.

Graham worked a full time job running a skid loader for a family run home supply store in Carolina Beach NC.  He was looking into Culinary School and did Flooring PT.

On April 2nd, 2019 my beautiful son Graham was murdered by Fentanyl Poisoning.  Graham’s case is currently open to my knowledge.

Graham had 300 ngs/ml – FENTANYL

I will forever be the mother of a son that was murdered by a drug ring.  In the month following Graham’s death there were 41 Overdoses in county and 8 fatalities.  That drug ring killed many people in our community and probably still is!!

Please help Graham get justice for his blatant murder.  They pretty much put it in my face.

Justice for Graham Forever 26 💜