Gerrilyn Koning

Age: 34 | State: | County: Riverside | Case Status: Open

Gerrilyn was a friend to everyone she met!!
she was involved in a auto accident where her truck rolled off a Clift the equivalent to a 3 story building, all passengers were thrown from the vehicle and miraculously they all survived with Gerrilyn in the worst shape.. she was in a coma for 3 days before we found her, we rushed to the hospital where she was hooked up to all kinds of things keeping her alive, she broke almost every bone in her body!! The Dr there put her on a Oxy cotton drip and when she was eventually released she was given a prescription of Oxy to go, that was in2001, we didn’t know anything about Oxy at that time, I don’t think anyone knew how additive it was back then! Gerrilyn became addicted and soon it turned to heroine, she SUFFERED 9 years, and yes it was suffering !!  I was there seeing her fight, cry, try, fail, go to rehab after rehab only to fail again and fight some more, I say fail because that’s how she felt… like a failure!! I’m here to tell you she wasn’t a failure but a fighter !! She fought with all she had to quit… but in the end she lost…

she was given FENTANYL and it ended her fight with one dose💔

My Daughter Gerrilyn was the most amazing person I’ve ever met and if you ever met her you would agree !!