Gavin Long

Age: 24 | State: | County: Rodgers | Case Status: Pending

Gavin had the biggest smile and heart. He loved spending time with his family. He would entertain the kids for hours. He was a people pleaser and wanted everyone to be happy. He tried to help even the most broken people. He listened and loved without judgement.

Behind that happiness Gavin was struggling with a darkness that we were unaware of until later. Gavin had experienced hardships during his teens. He became depressed and easily influenced. In high school he was smoking weed with friends and it progressed from there. After Gavin moved out he battled with his drug addiction off and on for a few years.

    Gavin entered a live -in treatment center for about a year. He was doing great! He was going to church, meetings and working. He began going to counseling, being treated for his depression, anxiety and nightmares. He was receiving the spiritual, mental and emotional health he needed. He enjoyed going to church. He was getting into the word (Bible). He was in complete recovery.

He met and moved in with his GF and got engaged. They began planning for their future. He was truly happy and excited. He brought her & her mom to meet the family @ our 4th of July celebration. He looked so good & healthy. Little did we know that would be the last time we would hug our son.

 Gavin was triggered by an old acquaintance from his past. With one slip up, on Aug 31, 2022 our lives were tragically changed forever. That one bad decision killed our son!

Police found Gavin in his car, where he was left to die by his drug dealer. The Rodgers County DA are actively seeking Justice for Gavin.
Gavin Forever 24
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