Gage McKenzie

Age: 28 | State: | County: Anchorage | Case Status: No Investigation

My oldest son was poisoned to death with fentanyl in Anchorage Alaska on 10/7/21.  Gage was in recovery and had been sober for almost 2 years at the time of his Drug Induced Homicide.  He relapsed after being sober for so long which happens as we all know happens more often than not.  Fentanyl prevented that relapse from being a relapse where he would have had the chance to go back into recovery, to go back and get the help he needed.  He did not know he was getting 100% fentanyl that day, it is believed his friend gave him 100% pure fentanyl, not just one type but 3 different types and intended to kill him over a girl.  To date no investigation has been mounted to discover and bring to justice his killers. They police said that since the medical examiner ruled it as accidental there would be no investigation. To this day the person who gave this to him is running around free while my boy is gone.