Gage James

Age: 26 | State: | County: Stanislaus | Case Status: No Investigation

On August 6, 2023 my son, Gage, lost his life to fentanyl induced homicide.
He had been in the bathroom for a while. We heard something loud, some loud big thump/thud sounds from the bathroom, this was his body falling off the toilet and hitting the ground. We banged on the door but  couldn’t get a response. I (his mom) had to break the bathroom window, I see him face down on the floor. I yell to his brothers that he’s down. As I run back inside the house, they are breaking the bathroom door down. We pull him into the hallway to lay flat. My husband is already on the phone with 911. I noticed him cold to the touch, he’s rigid, he’s cold, his mouth and tongue are blue. We are all yelling and screaming at him. We immediately start giving Gage CPR and the 4 narcan that we have on hand. We continue with CPR until medics finally arrive. I am begging God to take me instead, even begging the devil. None of this seems real, as if I am watching a movie or in a dream. The medics work on him for maybe 10 minutes before they stop and put the sheet over him. I held his hand until the sheriffs made me go outside to wait for the coroner to come.
Gage lost his life 2 days before his 27th birthday. Instead of planning what to do for his birthday dinner, I was having to make plans for his funeral. Sadly there has been no investigation into his death, case closed .

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