Gabrielle Smith Thomas

Age: 27 | State: | County: Maricopa | Case Status: Closed

On January 31st 2020 I received a call at 7:00am from the Phoenix police that our daughter had passed away. Her boyfriend admitted to buying and providing her with 5 pills that he told her were elicit Percocet.  However,  it turned out to be fentanyl. Gabrielle  took one pill that night. Her boyfriend also had his own heroin and pills that they investigated him for  that were on the scene. The  police only asked him questions the night of her death on the scene and never asked who sold him the pills that poisoned her. They closed her case and called it an accident.  Not an overdose or a Poisoning. No one was pressed for responsibility.  Gabrielles’s toxicology reported  a deadly dose of fentanyl,  caffeine,  ibuprofen( for depression) which was the proper prescribed dose from her doctor and Marijuana  in her system.  Her boyfriend at the time was refusing to give her family the names of the people who sold him the poisonous fake pill that killed our daughter. The police refused to ask him further  questions.  Gabrielle was never given a chance for justice in her death. They closed the case within 90 days. They refused me, her mother the crime scene photos and the body cam video that I rightfully should have had. Gabrielle deserves justice.  We will forever be broken without her and broken because she hasn’t received justice for her being deceived to death! Since then, her boyfriend now has passed this year in 2022.

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