Gabriella Aviles

Age: 18 | State: | County: Wake | Case Status: No Investigation

I lost my eighteen year old daughter, Gabriella Cruz Aviles on October 17, 2021.
We moved from Temecula, CA to Apex, NC in June 2019, her junior year of high school, then Covid hit. Gabriella had limited socialization and she only smoked pot to ease her anxiety. Through counseling it was a bit challenging but we always said “we got this” until she passed. Months went by and I didn’t have the exact cause of her death until January 2022 when I received her toxicology report. Gabriella had a huge heart, infectious smile, and would light up the darkest room. She was beautiful inside and out! At age eighteen, she had so much life to live for until someone took that away from her and poisoned my beautiful daughter. As of today, no further action has been taken by the Raleigh PD. I feel helpless and want to help another child or family member but this person is still still on the streets. My heart hurts and I want Gabriella to see from up above “I got this”. 🙏🏽

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