Gabreiella (Gabby) Hyatt

Age: 22 | State: | County: Greene | Case Status: Open

Greene County Tn is shoving any drug related “poisonings” under rugs and throwing them out like trash…. Our babies deserve justice. Please get these dealers off the streets before they take anymore lives. My angel will forever be 22. A personality that lit up a room on even the darkest of days. Her smile warmed hearts and her presence was like sunshine! She had just sent me the message not Even 12 hours before her death that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting that call ever again that God had her!!! DONT GIVE UP!!! SAY THEIR NAMES!!!! Make these counties realize that whether they are an addict or not THEY ARE SOMEONES WORLD!!!!!! They deserve justice and even though she doesn’t have a voice anymore…. I WILL BE THAT VOICE NOW!!!