Francisco Garza

Age: 22 | State: | County: Curry | Case Status: No Investigation

The worst day of my life was when I went to my son’s apartment and he was face down he’d been like that for 6 hours alone gone his name Francisco Garza 22 years old my only boy the love of my life aka Cisco  always loved on his 5 women  he protected his 4 sisters with guts & glory  Ciscos Charisma would light up the room his smile u see it you wouldn’t forget it if you knew Cisco you Loved him his troubles consumed him & his addiction  began  Xanax laced with Poison face down for 6 hrs Alone he never even knew  no investigation called  unattended death by overdose sounds meaningless not 1officer asked Ciscos parents if he took medication .The Sanctity of human life all Lifehas value  all life created By God as follows of christ we must use our words.resourses ,Love gifting to defend Life