Erik Gonzales

Age: 21 | State: | County: San Diego | Case Status: Closed

Erik was 21 when he was murdered. He had been out of rehab exactly 1 week when he used what he believed was cocaine but had been cut with fentanyl. Due to the fact that he had substance abuse struggles his case was treated as an accidental overdose per medical examiner and his case was closed, even with proof that he did not ask for fentanyl but fentanyl poisoning was his cause of death! Those responsible for his murder not only were not held accountable but have continued to deal death to countless other victims. Erik was The Love of My Life and I could go on and on about what an amazing human my son was but unfortunately that is not what is going to bring justice or save others from this Human Crisis. Until my last breath I will bring awareness, educate others, advocate and fight for justice, break stigmas in Erik’s name! I will never be silent no matter the cost. I do want to be very clear though, I do not believe as a nation we are doing enough to address the demand that our country struggles with in regards to substance abuse and/or mental health issues. Closing the borders is not the only solution to this problem and until we realize that as long as there is a demand there will always be a supply issue in our country. Again this is a HUMAN CRISIS so we need to work together to fix this.


💜Erik’s Mother💜


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